We are honored to announce that Dr. Alan J Cohen has joined our team at PETROLERN LLC as “Business and Technology Development Consultant”. Alan has over 35 years of oil industry experience in leadership and senior advisory positions in upstream E&P in the geosciences and subsurface engineering, and in midstream. He served the United States as a Senior Executive in the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), was CTO at two technology companies, and was Chief Geophysicist at Royal Dutch Shell for North and South America, among other positions. He was Adjunct Professor of Geology at the University of Louisiana. Alan is passionate about energizing the next generation of scientists and engineers to work on problems that are important to our environment. Alan is a recognized expert in technology integration, rock physics, pore pressure prediction, and machine learning. He has done business and led projects on all continents in over 30 countries. He serves on the Development and Production Committee of the SEG, and has given keynote presentations at the SPE, AAPG, and OTC conventions. He holds a PhD from Harvard University and a BSc from McGill University.
We are welcoming Alan to our team and very exited to work with him.