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PETROLERN Consulting offers a wide range of services in subsurface engineering, artificial intelligence and green energy solutions for the oil and gas industry, geothermal energy and carbon storage. Our objective is to provide innovative solutions for transparent and optimized subsurface operations to make energy extraction as clean, safe and low-cost as possible. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the scope of work and their requirements are fully understood. We try to turn all our projects into success stories.


PETROLERN Research is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to the industry grand challenges. Our R&D team consists of experienced experts and young talented professionals working together to assure identifying practical industry pain points and providing innovative and effective solutions. We have developed several novel technologies and methodologies to help our clients make smarter decisions and have better, faster, and greener subsurface operations.


PETROLERN Training designs and delivers practical courses on a wide range of topics related to the energy industry. We conduct public and tailored, in-house courses ranging from one to several days based on our clients’ needs using internationally recognized instructors. Our current training programs focus on energy transition with specialized topics on geothermal energy and subsurface carbon storage. PETROLERN’s goal is to transfer the state-of-the-art knowledge to the clients.

About Us

PETROLERN LLC is a leading-edge technology company working on subsurface solutions for carbon storage, geothermal and oil and gas projects. We conduct cutting edge R&D and execute global projects to increase our clients’ profitability yet minimizing their environmental footprint. Our green energy initiative begins with making the oil and gas industry greener by providing energy transition solutions. Our core competencies include: geomechanics, fluid mechanics, applied artificial intelligence, visualization, edge computing, and software development. We apply these skills to optimize drilling, completions, stimulation, and production plus providing high-resolution subsurface monitoring. We pursue challenging projects where we can apply our innovative solutions and problem-solving skills.

We pick up challenging projects that others don’t.

CO2 Sequestration

CO2 Sequestration

Long-term CO2 storage in geologic formations is an effective response to growing concerns about climate change resulting from increased carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere. The key to the effective injection of CO2 into the subsurface formations, including depleted oil and gas reservoirs for enhanced oil recovery, is a detailed characterization of the formation properties, in-situ stresses, natural fractures network, seal capacity of cap rock and formation pressure, in addition to Monitoring, Verification, and Accounting (MVA) to confirm permanent storage of CO2. These are our expertise at PETROLERN.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy

Our geothermal journey starts from converting late-stage oil and gas wells to clean geothermal energy sources using our proprietary screening platform. We also perform play fairway analysis to identify prospective geothermal resources. To maximize sustainability of geothermal reservoirs and ensure safe and cost-effective subsurface operations, we endeavor to establish the most reliable estimations of subsurface state of stress, rock properties, natural fractures, temperature, and heat flow by means of advanced analytical and numerical modeling in combination with signal processing and artificial intelligence. In PETROLERN, we believe on geothermal as the future sustainable source of clean energy.

Unconventional Resources

Unconventional Resources

We pay special attention to the optimized development of unconventional resources, including shale gas, shale oil, CBM, heavy oil, and tight gas. It is imperative that we harness the best available technologies for efficient recovery of these resources. In PETROLERN, we believe that successful production from unconventional resources requires unconventional thinking.

Conventional Oil & Gas

Conventional Oil & Gas

IEA’s Sustainable Development Scenario considers a long-term role for oil and gas as an important part of the energy industry. We also believe on this and continue to provide our services to minimize carbon footprint of fossil energy. Drilling and production operations are getting more challenging by going deeper and into higher pressure and higher temperature (HPHT) reservoir. In such harsh conditions, safe and optimum drilling, completion, and production require advanced knowledge and cutting-edge technologies. PETROLERN’s solutions are fit-for-purpose to your challenging problems in these environments.

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Geothermal Resource Decision Workshop – Virtual Hands-on Introduction

Date: May 24 – 27th, 2021
9 AM  – 5 PM CDT

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