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P.A.S.S Talk #1 Unconventional EOR Pilots in the Permian Basin

P.A.S.S Talk #2 Technology Integration and Collaboration – Lessons Learned from the U.S. Department of Energy

P.A.S.S Talk #3 Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy Milford Site, Utah

P.A.S.S Talk #4 Fiber-Optic Sensing Technology for Oil and Gas and Carbon Storage Applications

P.A.S.S Talk #5 A Dynamic Machine Learning Workflow for Production Optimizationd Site, Utah

P.A.S.S Talk #6 The Cost Saving Role of Geomechanics in the Oil and Gas Industry

P.A.S.S Talk #7 An Overview of the Southeast Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership (SECARB)nd Site, Utah

P.A.S.S Talk #8 EOR for Unconventional Resources Current Ideas, Understanding of Physical Phenomena and Realistic Future Prospects

P.A.S.S Talk #9 Statistical based simplified models to estimate CO2 injection geomechanical response

P.A.S.S Talk #10 Monitoring velocity perturbations using 4D seismic data

P.A.S.S Talk #11 Shale Gas Project – Go No-Go Scenario

P.A.S.S Talk #12 Modeling of Scale and Corrosion Potential in Geothermal Well or Plants and Oil Producers

P.A.S.S Talk #13 Is CCUS Feasible in WY. Wyoming’s Unique Position in the World’s CCUS Arena – The Cowboy Unicorn

P.A.S.S Talk #14 Geothermal Play Area Mapping – A Case Story from AL, MS & GA

P.A.S.S Talk #15 Sometimes it pays to be cheap – Compressive time-lapse seismic data acquisition

P.A.S.S Talk #16 Crossover Skills to Rebuild, Reconfigure Our Pandemic-Ripped World Opportunities for Geoscientists

P.A.S.S Talk #17 Using Cost-Effective Logging While Drilling (LWD) to Design Completions Activities Underway During MSEEL 2

P.A.S.S Talk #18 Real Time Monitoring and Control – The Future is Now

P.A.S.S Talk #19 Heat flow calculation using various thermal data sets

P.A.S.S Talk #20 An Overview of Machine Learning Technologies for Seismic Interpretation with Case Studies

P.A.S.S Talk #21 Carbon Capture and Storage from Biofuels

P.A.S.S Talk #22 – Azimuthal Anisotropy for characterizing fractures and faults Case studies from Wide-Azimuth 3D Surveys

P.A.S.S Talk #23 Managing Industrial CO2 Emissions with CCUS and 45Q Tax Credits

P.A.S.S Talk #24 Hydrocarbon pressure, free water levels, gas-water contacts and how they link to capillary pressure. Why should I care

P.A.S.S Talk #25 Regulatory Utility of Models for Induced Seismicity

P.A.S.S Talk #26 Structural Interpretation and Fracture Modeling with Hydraulic Fracturing Induced Events

P.A.S.S Talk #27 Estimating Prospective CO2 Storage Using CO2-SCREEN

P.A.S.S Talk #28 How Geoscience data techniques can help the assessment of the COVID-19 pandemic