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Providing Specialized Training and Consulting for Oil and Gas Industry

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Upcoming Courses

Field Development Geomechanics: A Game Changer in Harsh Economy Condition
   Houston, USA
      6 - 7 Feb 2017 (Info/Register)

Non-conventional Geomechanics for Unconventional Resources
   Beijing, China
      24 - 25 Apr 2017 (Info/Register)


PETROLERN Training designs and delivers world-class courses on a wide range of topics related to the oil and gas industry. We provide public and in-house courses from one-day to 15-day based on our clients’ requirements.


PETROLERN Consulting offers variety of consulting services on petroleum geosciences and engineering subjects. We also provide in-house consulting services by placing our internationally-reputed experts in our clients’ offices.


We are specialized in geomechanics training and consulting using state-of-the-art technologies and software. Our well-known geomechanics experts provide you with high quality services covering all applications of rock mechanics in oil and gas exploration and field development.

Drilling Optimization

We offer consulting and training services covering different aspects of drilling engineering and well construction. Our world-class experts will help you design your wells, optimize drilling parameters, minimize non-productive time, and reduce operation cost.

Unconventional Resources

We pay special attention to exploration and development of unconventional resources including shale gas, CBM, tight sand etc. These energy sources are a fast-growing market and are recognized as having huge future potential for production worldwide.


"My husband Nick Barton and I participated in the course given by Dr Souroush about Shale Gas, in London. It was encouraging to hear from him about the importance of shear and other joint properties and how some rock mechanics principles are linked to the production of shale gas. The course was very rich, bringing update information about shale gas exploitation, teaching us about the fundamentals of fracking and some of the methods that could be used in the processes of extraction. Hamed was an excellent Instructor and the course was really good.

"The course provides an excellent explanation why geomechanics is an essential component for production of unconventional resources. Class organization walked through all the steps necessary to perform well stability analysis and provides a fundamental understanding of geomechanicil problems encountered and how they can be resolved. The instructor encouraged class interaction and effectively engaged participation."

"Very applicable and in depth course material / training. It was taught by an exceptional instructor providing support long after the course was completed."

"The course was well presented and offered a very good understanding of geomechanics. I would recommend this course for all subsurfaces and operations people to consider geomechanics as part of field development plan."

"The course was very informative, well organized and offering an abundance of practical value and take home tips. The instructor had a great interaction, willing to fluidly answer questions and welcomed class participation. I would highly recommend this course for petroleum engineers and petrophysicists dealing with geomechanical behavior of reservoir and wellbore stability."

"I attended Petrolern's Geomechanics course in Abu Dhabi. The class was extremely good, covering the fundamentals, and provided me with a good basic knowledge for evaluating unconventional reservoirs, physical properties, and potential. I recommend this class for those who are interested in learning how to start evaluating unconventional reservoirs/Resources."

"The course was very well taught and I found it provided a good overview of the geomechanics field. Dr Soroush was a great catalyst in starting discussions which I think is a great way to learn. I'll definitely keep an eye on the future courses that Petrolern will be offering."

"I found the course to be well balanced and covered all aspects of geomechanics related to the subject. The instructor went into enough detail and happily took questions at any stage and talked about past experiences giving context to the discussions we had."

"The geomechanics course covered a lot of contents that are useful for the development of unconventional resources. Dr. Soroush is very knowledgeable in the field of petroleum related rock Mechanics, and he has excellent skills on training."